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OPTCOM partecipates to "beyond NGPON2" standardization in ITU-T FSAN Shanghai meeting, 2017 Dec. 11-15

By roberto.gaudino@polito.it

  The team of the OptCom Group (Prof. R. Gaudino, Prof. V. Ferrero and Pablo Torres) is currently (Q4 2017) working inside a research contract with TIM  titled “Beyond NGPON2 technology for 5G optical access”. In the Shanghai meeting that took place on 2017, December 11-15, Ing. Maurizio Valvo, TIM, presented two joint TIM-POLITO Technical Contributions about possible physical layer solutions for PONs at bit rates above 10 Gbit/s to the international expert groups that are defining and standardizing next generation PON systems in the framework of ITU-T (Study Group 15, Question 2) and FSAN (Next Generation PON Task Group) activities.”