Report on the participation to the FSAN workshop on “Future Access Technology”, Atlanta, GE, USA, 2015 October 7th

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Prof. Roberto Gaudino, Scientific Coordinator of the FABULOUS EU project, was invited to participate to an open workshop organized by FSAN (the Full Service Access Network (FSAN) Group is a forum for the world’s leading telecommunications services providers, independent test labs, and equipment suppliers to work towards a common goal of truly broadband fibre access networks. The Mission of FSAN is to drive existing standards into the services and products in the industry, while simultaneously advancing its own specifications into the appropriate standard bodies, for more information see http://www.fsan.org/).

The workshop, titled “Future Access Technology” took place in Atlanta, GE, USA on 2015 October 7th and was aimed at openly discussing new trends for the forthcoming standards in PON. Today ITU-T is closing the final details of the so-called NG-PON2 standards (under Recommendations G.989.1, G.989.2, G.989.3 and their amendments).

Prof. Roberto Gaudino was invited to present results on self-coherent reflective PON architectures, and gave a 20 minutes talk in front of the FSAN meeting, constituted by approximately 50 people (representatives of telecom operators and vendors interested in PON).

The talk presented also the latest result of the FABULOUS EU project, in particular focusing on the FDMA-PON self-coherent approach proposed in FABULOUS for the upstream. Of particular interest for the audience were the following key characteristics of this solution:

  • Laserless operation at the ONU, thanks to centralized wavelength generation at the OLT and reflective modulation at the ONU side
  • High bit rate per single wavelength (30+ Gbps per wavelengths were demonstrated in FABULOUS upstream). This last point is a “just in time topic” in the current discussion among standardization bodies (FSAN, ITU-T and IEEE 802.3av) to find ways to increase the bit rate per wavelength in PON above the 10 Gbps. Several proposals are today targeting 25 Gbps per wavelength over standard splitter-based PON, and the solution proposed in FABULOUS would perfectly fit this target.
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