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Mattia Cantono

Former Member

Mattia Cantono is a Ph.D. candidate in Electric, Electronic and Communication Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, where he also received the Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Information Technology Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering, respectively. He currently works with the Optical Communications (OptCom) research group.

Mattia Cantono was born in Biella on the 9th May 1990. He received the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano in 2012, thanks to the partecipation to the Politong project. During academic year 2010/2011, Mattia was a BSc student in Tongji University Shanghai, from which received a BSc in Electronic Engineering. In 2012 Mattia enrolled in the MSc program in Telecommunications Engineering with specialization in Fiber Optic Systems. He has also been selected by Alta Scuola Politecnica during the same year. In 2014, Mattia graduated from Politecnico di Torino summa cum laude, and in June 2015  he received the ASP diploma and a MSc degree from Politecnico di Milano.

Mattia is currently working as PhD student in the field of optical networks and nonlinear modeling of propagation effects in optical fiber links. Mattia actively collaborates with several companies such as Cisco Photonics, Synopsys, and SM Optics. He is an active member of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), working in the Open Optical Packet Transport group for the design of a software tool for optical feasibility evaluation in multivendor optical networks together with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper Networks, and many more. 

In summer 2017, he worked in the Network Operations Group in Google Inc. as network engineering intern in the Optical Network Architecture team under the supervision of Dr. Tad Hofmeister. 

In spring 2016, he visited Synopsys Inc. in Ossining NY, working on optimization of software tools for the modeling of optical communication systems. In February 2017, he visited the OpNear Lab at the Univiersity of Texas at Dallas (UTD) working on the implementation of a physical layer aware three layers network orchestrator under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Fumagalli. 

Prior to joining OptCom, Mattia worked as a laboratory intern in Avago Technologies (Torino, Italy), working on the characterization and development of theoretical models for datacom diode lasers aimed at easing the planning and manufacturing validation processes. Later he worked in Nexus Asia Management Consulting (Shanghai, China) as an IT consultant, providing support for SMEs willing to invest in China. Mattia worked also as freelance web developer, developing websites for Italian and Chinese companies. 

Mattia's interests include basketball and baking.


Politecnico di Torino - DET Old Building

Office number: IAC46;

Phone Number: 011 0904232

2016 - IEEE/OSA JLT Outstanding Reviewer
2016 - OSA: Spotlight on Optics: The paper: “Potentialities and Criticalities of Flexible-Rate Transponders in DWDM Networks: A Statistical Approach” was selected as one of the best papers of July 2016 JOCN issue on Elastic Optical Networks.
2012 - ASP Full Scholarship
2010 - Politong Scholarship
Title Date Event Download
Statistical Assessment of Networking Merit of 2MxN WSS March, 2018 OFC 2018 PDF icon pdf (2.85 MB)
Modelling the Impact of SRS on NLI Generation in Commercial Equipment: an Experimental Investigation March, 2018 OFC 2018 PDF icon pdf (4.72 MB)
Photonic Communication Technologies: Enabling the Zettabyte Internet March, 2017 Texas Photonic Center PDF icon pdf (10.6 MB)
Comparing Networking Benefits of Digital Back-Propagation vs. Lightpath Regeneration September, 2016 ECOC File ppsx (3.53 MB)
A Statistical Analysis of Transparent Optical Networks comparing Merit of Fiber Types and Elastic Transceivers July, 2016 ICTON File ppsx (7.24 MB)
Data-Rate Figure of Merit for Physical Layer in Fixed-Grid Reconfigurable Optical Networks March, 2016 OFC PDF icon pdf (3.42 MB)