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Digital Transmission

Academic Year: 2015/2016

This course introduces the mathematical foundations of modern digital transmission and communication networks. The main target is giving the student a full view on the operating principles of transmission and computer networks, with specific focus on the Internet, starting from the physical layers transmission issues related to high capacity bit transmission.

• Knowledge of the main wireless and wired communication channels in terms of their attenuation 
• Knowledge of the methodologies to represent the noise in transmission systems 
• Ability to solve simple loss, signal-to-noise ratio and power budget exercises 
• Knowledge of the basic digital modulations 
• Knowledge of linear distortion effect on digital modulations 
• Ability to solve simple numerical and design exercises on transmission systems 

For the networking part 

- General concepts of computer networks: network classification based on the covered area, network topologies, switching techniques (circuit and packet), multiplexing and multiple access techniques, service models (client-server, peer-to-peer), layered protocol architectures, traffic characterization and QoS requirements. 
- Transmission channels, bit encoding techniques, access and transport networks. 
- Error recovery and flow control techniques: ARQ window protocols. 
- Data-link layer protocols. 
- Local Area Netowrks: architecture, protocols, interconnection. 
- Routing algorithms and protocols. Network protocols in the Internet, IP addressing and translation.