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Teoria ed elaborazione dei segnali (Signal theory and processing)

Academic Year: Since 2012/2013

The objective of the course (video-recorded) is to provide the basic notions of signal theory and digital signal processing. The analysis techniques for continuous time deterministic signals and random processes are first described, then the basic methodologies are introduced for the processing of  deterministic discrete signals.

Topics developed in the class:

  • Signal classification; energy and power 
  • Fourier series and transform
  • Linear Time Invariant (LTI) systems, impulse response and transfer function, convolution
  • Energy spectrum and autocorrelation function. Periodic signals and power spectral density
  • Random processes
  • Sampling theorem
  • Discrete time signals: basic operations, energy and power
  • Discrete time Fourier transform, circular convolution, DFT, FFT
  • Discrete time LTI systems: time and frequency analysis, Z transform based analysis
  • Digital filters with finite (FIR) and infinite (IIR) impulse response. Window-based design of FIR filters. Bilinear transformation-based design of IIR filters