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OFC 2016 Tutorial: Recent Advances in Non-linear Fiber Propagation Modeling

By admin

Pierluigi Poggiolini of the OptCom group has given a tutorial talk at OFC 2016 in Anaheim titled "Recent Advances in Non-linear Fiber Propagation Modeling".  The slides of his speech can be downloaded at the bottom of this post, in the attachment section. You may need to click "read more" to get there.

The presentation has also been recorded and can be viewed at the OFC 2016 website (you need attendee credentials to view it).

The abstract of the tutorial follows:

Substantial advances in the modeling of non-linear fiber propagation have recently been made. Advantages and limitations of various proposed models are outlined and discussed. The still open problems and future challenges, including non-linearity mitigation, are discussed.

Note: two versions of the pdf of the presentation are provided, one in medium resolution (about 6MB) and one in high resolution (about 18MB).


Tags: ofc / ofc16 / egn model