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By vittorio.curri@polito.it

OptCom will present the following 12 contributions at next OFC in San Diego, CA from March 11, 2018 to March, 15 2018

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Pierluigi Poggiolini of the OptCom group has given a tutorial talk at OFC 2016 in Anaheim titled "Recent Advances in Non-linear Fiber Propagation Modeling".  The slides of his speech can be downloaded at the bottom of this post, in the attachment section. You may need to click "read more" to get there.

The presentation has also been recorded and can be viewed at the OFC 2016 website (you need attendee credentials to view it).

The abstract of the tutorial follows:

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Mattia Cantono, Roberto Gaudino and Vittorio Curri have presented at OFC 2016 the Statistical Network Assessment Process (SNAP). SNAP has been used to compare two different implementations of Flex-Rate Transceivers. In addition to this the concept of Nonlinear Penalty at a network level has been introduced. SNAP has also been used to make a comparison of three different Gaussian Noise based models, showing that the Incoherent GN (IGN) model is both sufficiently reliable and computationally efficient to be used in network related studies. 

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Optical coherent systems have an optimum transmission rate, at which some mitigation of non-linear effects spontaneously takes place.

The phenomenon occurs at a Baud rate which is neither the one of serial systems (28-32 GBaud) nor that of OFDM systems (in the hundreds of MBaud per subcarrier). It actually occurs between 2 and 8 GBaud, depending on system parameters. The higher the dispersion, the lower the optimum rate and, typically, the greater the potential mitigation.

In our OFC 2015 paper:

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