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Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
System impact of EDFA gain fluctuation in WDM optical packet networks OFC March, 2002 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon OFCGainLocking.pdf
HFA Optimization for Nyquist WDM Transmission OFC March, 2015 Vittorio Curri Invited paper File W4E.4_OFC2015.ppsx
Optical vs. electronic chromatic dispersion compensation in WDM coherent PM-QPSK systems at 111 Gbit/s OFC March, 2008 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon PosterOFC2008mod.pdf
Simulation-assisted design of future optical communication systems OFC March, 2001 Vittorio Curri workshop File ofc2001_workshop_final.ppsx
Time-Division Hybrid Modulation Formats: Tx Operation Strategies and Countermeasures to Nonlinear Propagation OFC March, 2014 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon Tu3A2_OFC2014.pdf
Ultra-Long-Haul Transmission of 16x112 Gb/s Spectrally-Engineered DAC-Generated Nyquist-WDM PM-16QAM Channels with 1.05x(Symbol-Rate) Frequency Spacing OFC March, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2012_ofc_OTh3A3_bosco.pdf
Spectral Shaping in Ultra-Dense WDM Systems: Optical vs. Electrical Approaches OFC March, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Invited paper PDF icon 2012_ofc_OM3H1_bosco.pdf
Simulation-assisted analysis of physical layer in design and management of next generation re-configurable all-optical networks OFC March, 2002 Vittorio Curri workshop File ofc2002_workshop.ppsx
A novel model of Cross Phase Modulation in WDM optical systems OFC March, 2004 Andrea Carena Regular Paper
Effectiveness of Digital Back-Propagation and Symbol-Rate Optimization in Coherent WDM Optical Systems OFC March, 2016 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon Th3D2.pdf
Impact of the Transmitter IQ-Skew in Multi-Subcarrier Coherent Optical Systems OFC March, 2016 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2016_ofc_bosco-W4A.5.pdf
Parametric versus Non-Parametric Branch Metrics for MLSE–based Receivers with ADC and Clock Recovery OFC March, 2008 Gabriella Bosco Poster PDF icon CO-6914 Theo Final.pdf
Performance and Complexity Comparison of CPE Algorithms for 256-QAM Optical Signals OFC March, 2015 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2015_ofc_bosco-W1E.6.pdf
Record-Length 10.7 Gb/s Uncompensated Transmission Experiment over Installed Fiber Using Narrow-Filtered Duobinary and a Correlation-Sensitive MLSE-Rx OFC September, 2009 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2009_ofc__MLSE_EXP.pdf
Data-Rate Figure of Merit for Physical Layer in Fixed-Grid Reconfigurable Optical Networks OFC March, 2016 Mattia Cantono Regular Paper PDF icon ofc_2106_SNAP.pdf
A Novel Update Algorithm in Stokes Space for Adaptive Equalization in Coherent Receivers OFC March, 2014 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2014_ofc_Th3E.6_bosco_final.pdf
Flexible Transceivers and the Rate/Reach Trade-off OFC March, 2018 Gabriella Bosco Tutorial PDF icon ofc2018-bosco-M1G.pdf
Theoretical and Experimental Results on Transmission Penalty Due to Fiber Parametric Gain in Normal Dispersion OFC February, 1998 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon slide_OFC_1998.pdf
Recent Advances in Non-Linear Fiber Propagation Modeling OFC March, 2016 Pierluigi Poggiolini Tutorial PDF icon 2016_OFC_Tutorial_Poggiolini_v23g_web_high_res_0.pdf
Experimental Comparison of PM-16-QAM and PM-32-QAM with Probabilistically Shaped PM-64-QAM OFC March, 2017 Dario Pilori Regular Paper PDF icon OFC2017_oral_presentation_v2_MB.pdf