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Our paper on the final demonstrator of the EU project FABULOUS has been accepted as a post-deadline paper at ECOC 2016!     

Prof. Roberto Gaudino will present it in the ECOC 2016 postdeadline session on 2016 September 22nd. For more information, please contact 

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The first Optical Society of America (OSA) Student Chapter of the Politecnico di Torino has been officialy created. The chapter is managed for and by students, and is aimed at creating valuable opportunities for professional development and fostering lasting relationships between peers and mentors.

In addition to their benefits for members, many chapters are heavily involved with community and youth education outreach to provide both a service to their community and work to disseminate the knowledge of optics and photonics worldwide.

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Pierluigi Poggiolini of the OptCom group has given a tutorial talk at OFC 2016 in Anaheim titled "Recent Advances in Non-linear Fiber Propagation Modeling".  The slides of his speech can be downloaded at the bottom of this post, in the attachment section. You may need to click "read more" to get there.

The presentation has also been recorded and can be viewed at the OFC 2016 website (you need attendee credentials to view it).

The abstract of the tutorial follows:

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