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Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
Statistical Assessment of Networking Merit of 2MxN WSS OFC 2018 March, 2018 Mattia Cantono Regular Paper PDF icon WSS_OFC_out.pdf
A Generalized Fiber Figure of Merit including Raman Ampification Fotonica May, 2013 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper File presentazione_fotonica_2013_FoM.ppsx
A novel algorithm for PON optimal deployment over real city maps and large number of users FOTONICA 2016 May, 2016 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon Presentation Fotonica 2016_v2.pdf
A novel analysis of the impact of Parametric Gain on WDM systems LEOS November, 1999 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon leos99_lucidi_ber.pdf
A novel Figure of Merit to Compare Fibers in Coherent Detection Systems with Uncompensated Links ECOC September, 2011 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper File curri_paper_Th.12.LeCervin.5.ppsx
A novel model of Cross Phase Modulation in long-haul WDM optical systems SUBOPTIC March, 2004 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon XPM_PosterSUBOPTIC2004.pdf
A novel model of Cross Phase Modulation in WDM optical systems OFC March, 2004 Andrea Carena Regular Paper
A novel PolSK Transceiver Based on Differential Demodulation: Assessment of Performance OFC March, 2006 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon POLSK_TOSCA_PosterOFC2006.pdf
A Novel Update Algorithm in Stokes Space for Adaptive Equalization in Coherent Receivers OFC March, 2014 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2014_ofc_Th3E.6_bosco_final.pdf
A Statistical Analysis of Transparent Optical Networks comparing Merit of Fiber Types and Elastic Transceivers ICTON July, 2016 Mattia Cantono Regular Paper File Cantono_Icton_v2_pp.ppsx
A Techno-Economic Network Planning Tool for PON Deployment Including Protection Strategies ICTON 2017 July, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Invited paper PDF icon presentation_Th.A1.1.pdf
Achieving Fine Bit-Rate Granularity with Hybrid Subcarrier Modulation SPPCom July, 2016 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon SpW3F2_v4.pdf
Advances in Modeling and Mitigation of Nonlinear Effects in Uncompensated Coherent Optical Transmission Systems ECOC December, 2020 Gabriella Bosco Tutorial PDF icon ECOC2020_Tutorial_Bosco_final.pdf
Advantages of Coherent Detection in Reflective PONs OFC 2013 March, 2013 Roberto Gaudino Invited paper PDF icon presentation_invited_ver_final.pdf
Alternative Solutions for Fronthauling based on DSP-assisted Radio-over-Fiber ICTON 2017 July, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Invited paper PDF icon invited_paper_ICTON_2017_fronthauling_version_public.pdf
Analytical Results on Channel Capacity in Uncompensated Optical Links with Coherent Detection ECOC September, 2011 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2011_ecoc_We.7.B.3_bosco.pdf
Applications and Design of Arbitray Gain-Profil Raman Amplifiers IEEE Summer Topicals 2021 July, 2021 Andrea Carena Invited paper PDF icon 20210720_IEEESUM_ML4RA_v5.pdf
ASE-Noise Limit of Direct-Detection Receivers: Duobinary vs. IMDD LEOS November, 2002 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2002_leos_ThQ3.pdf
Best optical filtering for duobinary transmission Tyrrhenian Workshop October, 2004 Gabriella Bosco Invited paper PDF icon 2004_Tyrrhenian Workshop - DB invited.pdf